Expansion of KCS in Dordrecht with 4 new, hightech machines

KCS takes the next step into the future and invests in modern hightech machinery:

  • 1x Pick-and-place machine, JUKI KE3010
  • 1x Pick-and-place machine, JUKI KE3020V
  • 1x SMT Reflow oven, Heller 1707 MKIII
  • 1x 3D AOI system, Koh Young Zenith

With the acquisition of two new Pick-and-Place machines KCS has a total of four hightech machines at its disposal, which substantially enlarges the production capacity. The new machinery is featured by an extremely high accuracy (01005, uBGA, fine pitch) and a high placing velocity (35600 cph).

During the production of a batch, the next series is prepared fully offline (programmed and repleted) which enables the next product to be started simply and very quickly.

The new reflow oven is equipped with 7 zones, which makes it possible to set up specific soldering profiles for each production batch. This leads to a highly controlled soldering process, resulting in high quality soldering.

The sophisticated inline 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system is capable of inspecting each printed circuit board optically for irregularities and inaccuracies. This extremely high-resolution 3D scanner can check placing, printing and soldering quickly and accurately.

“By using the new machinery, including sophisticated software and a logistics barcode system, our highly experienced team is capable of delivering a perfectly assembled product in a very short lead time.”

Operational managing director Mr Arie Bogaard

“This investment enables us to keep up with the latest developments in the chip market, so we can advance together with our customers by producing technically advanced products.”

Technical R&D managing director Mr Jan Willem Versluis

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