Release AMIGA documentary on DVD and Blu-ray

Do you already own the latest smartphone or the most advanced, graphically most powerful computer for really fanatical gamers? Year after year the world is getting acquainted with yet another revolution in computer technology, whereby even more ease of use and more advanced features are being introduced.

For most people this is quite normal, but have you ever realized that not so long ago practically nobody had a computer at home? That is why KCS would like to take you back to those days.

In the 80s the Commodore 64 and the AMIGA caused a breakthrough in the era of computers. In businesses computers of IBM, amongst others, had already been operative, but most households had not even entered the digital era. The Commodore 64 and the AMIGA enabled ordinary people to acquire a reasonably priced computer for their homes, which opened up a world full of new possibilities, such as computer games and several administrative computer programs.

KCS in Dordrecht has always been involved with the Commodore and the AMIGA and has a rich history as a developer and producer of products for the Commodore 64 and the AMIGA, such as:

  • KCS Speedsaver
  • KCS Power Cartridge (the famous red cartridge for the Commodore 64, which was awarded with a trophy at the end of the 80s by the TROS – a Dutch broadcasting company. This trophy was handed over to KCS by the famous DutchTV presenter Ivo Niehe).
  • KCS Power PC-Board (for the AMIGA computer)

Nicola and Anthony Caulfield have made a documentary on this computer revolution, which has been released worldwide on DVD and Blu-ray by now. Below you can find some shots from this documentary, in which KCS features as well as products that have been developed and produced by KCS.

The full documentary “From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!” (appr. 2,5 hours) can be ordered from the producers of on

As executive producer KCS wishes you a lot of nostalgic fun in watching this documentary.